5 Reasons Why Your Professional Headshot Needs to Be a Beach Portrait

From online networking opportunities to resume accentuating, your corporate headshot speaks volumes on your behalf. But, what is yours saying? If you are looking to update your online presence and are in the Kona, Hawaii area, here are five reasons you should consider a beach portrait session for your professional headshots. 

Outdoor headshots are more relaxed. 

If you own your own business, are an aspiring business professional, or simply looking to build your brand online, a professional headshot is non-negotiable. However, many of us (myself included) can feel so uncomfortable in front of the camera! Add a stuffy studio environment, and you are sure to get some stiff, awkward shots. This is why outdoor headshots can provide such a perfect environment. 

Whether you want to be on the beach, in the foliage, outside your business, or several other options we can come up with – outdoor headshots simply create a more relaxed shoot. Your individual personality will come through, and we can capture the perfect shots. 

Location expertise from a Big Island local photographer.

Since you will be working with a local Hawaii photographer, I can help with location scouting and provide the right environment to achieve your vision. I always look for different elements that will enhance your photo. With numerous backdrop opportunities, I can help you use Hawaii’s beautiful landscape as part of your branding. 

Creative direction from a professional photographer. 

By choosing to work with a professional portrait photographer in Hawaii, you will get coaching along the way. From posing ideas to deciding on the right time of day for the shoot, my experience as a headshot photographer can help you bring your vision to life while offering new ideas to better meet your goals. I tailor the beach portrait shoot to meet your needs and bring out your personality, all while highlighting your personal brand. We will capture the shots you are looking for!

Unparalleled professional headshot lighting.

Take a look at your competitor’s profiles. You will surely find many headshots that simply don’t move you to work them. Whether the photographs are blurry, cropped, or just stale studio photographs, choosing to do your headshots on the beach will eliminate all of those concerns. 

Sunrise, sunset, and golden hour are some of the most gorgeous times of the day to capture outdoor headshots. Beach portraits offer unparalleled natural light and breathe fresh life into your online presence. I will work with you to specifically find the right time and location for your headshots. 

Create a branding refresh with beach portraits. 

Your headshot serves as a first impression. If someone visits your website or profile, you want the right message to be conveyed. You want to stand out from the rest. By working with a professional portrait photographer, I can help you enhance your branding so that the photographs and your message come across effectively. 

Perhaps you want to do a complete marketing refresh? I will help you bring a creative, modern, and professional quality to your online presence. 

From personal branding to business branding, corporate headshots to casual headshots, choose a Big Island professional photographer that can achieve the look you are going for with beach portraits. 

I’m Sam Guerpo, a friendly Big Island photographer with the experience and expertise you need. Reach out with your inquiry today, and I will respond within 24 hours. I can’t wait to work together!

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