Outfit Ideas for Family Beach Pictures In Kona

Planning a family trip to Kona, Hawaii, is so exciting! If you’ve decided to book family beach pictures, I am sure the question you’re asking yourself is – what is everyone going to wear? As a family photographer, I have helped countless families capture their dream family portraits. Let me provide you with some outfit ideas to get you ready for your Hawaii photo session! 

Tones and Colors for Family Beach Pictures in Hawaii 

Keep the scenery in mind. 

When selecting colors and tones for your family beach photo shoot, keeping the light beach color scheme in mind is key. For example, dark colors can look dramatic and sometimes harsh against the pastel-colored skies and beach backdrop. 

Imagine your color palette. 

Pastels, neutrals, and white tend to be the go-to color schemes for family beach pictures. This gives a very effortlessly casual, natural look and allows your family to be the focal point. The gorgeous Kona Hawaii beaches will only add to that. 

However, if you think some bright and vibrant colors are more your family’s style, then, by all means, go bright and tropical! Just be sure to add in some neutral colors as well.

Try grabbing some paint sample cards in the beach sunrise or sunset hues and put them next to the clothing you’re contemplating. Doing this will allow you to visualize whether or not these colors may compliment or contrast each other to your liking.

Play around with different hues of one color.   

Typically, we recommend straying away from matching too closely for family portraits. Instead, consider trying different hues of one color. This can come across beautifully and give a coordinated feel to your Hawaii beach photo session. 

Patterns for Family Portrait Beach Photos on The Big Island

Try not to overdo it on the patterns. 

While we don’t necessarily discourage patterns, we do recommend you approach them with caution. The key is not to overdo it. By this, we mean, try having one or two people wearing a pattern and the others in complimentary solids. 

A few patterns we recommend you stay far away from (for your family beach portraits) are plaids, stripes, and checkered patterns, as these are just too busy. We also hope you would avoid anything with large graphics or logos. When in doubt, bring a backup piece if you change your mind. 

Some patterns that will look great in your family beach photos: 

  • Florals
  • Lace/Texture
  • White/Neutrals
  • Bright and Bold Colors

Coordinating Your Family for a Beach Photo Session

Coordination > Matching

The key to balanced photos is not matching everyone in the family exactly. Instead, the emphasis should be on more of a nice blending. To accomplish this, you can pull from the above tips on colors and tones. 

Some of the best outfits for family beach portraits are those that follow a color palette, not just one specific color. This gives space for everyone to have their individuality while still working within the color scheme. 

Fabrics and Styles that say Hawaii Beach Photo Shoot 

Think movement when determining outfits. 

Soft, natural fabrics that breathe and flow not only photograph well but feel good, too. The goal is to capture the authentic happiness of your family, so keeping everyone comfortable is essential. 

Look for fabrics that move with you and the ocean breeze. Cotton and linen are always a favorite. Dresses flow beautifully on women, and rolling the cuffs of pants or shirts for men gives a laid-back, beachy look. 

More Tips for Getting Ready for Your Family Beach Photoshoot  

  • Keep accessories to a minimum.  
  • Don’t worry about shoes for the shoot – you’ll be barefoot!
  • If you like hats, perhaps wear them for a few shots, but you’ll want photos without them, too. 
  • Pack an extra outfit because accidents happen to the best of us. 
  • Bring towels to dry off from any water. 
  • Consider your tan lines when selecting your outfits.
  • Bring hair ties; sometimes, it’s just easier to wear an updo. 

Hire a Family Photographer in Kona, Hawaii

Have you hired a professional family photographer for your Kona, Hawaii trip? Whether you’re a local or a visiting family, family beach portraits are a memorable way to capture the moment. 

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