Preparing Kids for a Perfect Family Photo Session

At Sam Guerpo Photography, we love family photo sessions!  If you’ve booked a session for your family with children, you probably have some questions.  This article includes tips for making the whole experience enjoyable for you and the kids.

Prepare Your Children

If you’re planning on doing a photo shoot with children, the best tip is to prepare them ahead of time. Talk to them the day before or the day of about how much fun it’s going to be!  If your child is old enough, you can set the expectations of how you’d like them to behave during the session.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep Before

Regarding photo sessions, there are few things on earth more unwilling to cooperate than a tired child.  Ensuring they get a good night’s sleep or a nap before the session can make all the difference in the success of the session.

Make Sure They’re Comfortable

Make sure your kids are comfortable in the outfits they are wearing.  If your child is uncomfortable, it will likely show in the photos.  That could mean scrapping a specific hair clip or bow tie that makes the outfit perfect, but trust us when we say, happy kids make for better photos than perfect accessories.

Bring Snacks and Drinks

It’s hard to calm down a ‘hangry’ child.  Making sure they have been fed before and having snacks available can keep everyone smiling and happy for the session.

Be Playful

Regarding photos with children, we aim to capture their natural smiles and laughs.  The best way to do that is to make them actually laugh. While we have lots of creative ideas to keep your kids entertained, no one knows your children better than you do, so we’re all ears on how to elicit genuine happy emotions from your kids during the shoot.

Bribes and Rewards

Who doesn’t find a reward at the end of the day to be a motivation?  Children are no different, so things like lollipops or ice cream afterward can all be exciting rewards to encourage participation in the session. 

Arriving Early

Arriving a little earlier than your scheduled time can give your kids an opportunity to run of some energy, relax, and be in good spirits as the session begins.  Just be aware though, for beach sessions, you’ll probably want to avoid getting in the water before the shoot.

Consider Props

If there’s a particular style of photo or specific props you’d like to be included in your shoot, let us know!  Some families have special toys they’d like included in photos.

Stay Positive and Have Fun!

Planning a photoshoot for your family that involves children can be a lot of fun! At a family session, your children will pick up on your attitude and can sense any anxieties you may have.  So, take the lead, take a deep breath, relax and allow yourself to enjoy the session. Having worked with lots of families, every session results in timeless images that reflect the family at the beautiful stage of life they’re in. Don’t worry and just enjoy the experience.  Doing is will reflect the unique love your family has for one another.There’s no better time to take family photos than on your Hawaiian vacation. Sam Guerpo Photography can help you form lasting memories of your trip by capturing family photos that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. I’m an experienced Hawaii-based photographer, and after chasing my own five-year-old around trying to get great photos, I’m something of an expert at wrangling kids! To learn about all of my services, get in touch with me today.

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