5 Reasons You Want a Photographer for Your Trip to Kona

So, you’re planning your big Kona, Hawaii trip. Maybe it’s your first time to the Big Island, or perhaps it’s just the first time bringing the kids. Whether you are celebrating, vacationing, or just looking to step up your business headshots – the most gorgeous backdrops to your photos lie on the beaches of Kona, Hawaii. Here are five reasons you want to book a professional photographer for your trip to Kona. 

There is no better way to document a Hawaii trip.

Whether you are visiting Kona for a family reunion, bringing the kids to the beach for the first time, or planning a romantic couples getaway, a trip to Hawaii is always a one-of-a-kind experience. From sunrise to sunset, you will most likely have a full itinerary with various destinations and experiences. Because so many people have such a busy schedule on their Big Island vacation, hiring a professional photographer makes your Kona trip the best documentation for your adventure. 

I help you get comfortable in front of the camera. 

There is always someone in the family who doesn’t enjoy getting their photo taken. Or maybe you are just nervous about how you’ll get your three kids under five years old to all last the whole shoot. You could also be the one who just never knows how to pose in front of the camera, causing you to feel awkward. Don’t worry, you guys – I get it! 

I pride myself on making sure that each session is enjoyable and memorable. I want to make sure that even the stubborn family members will leave saying, “that was fun!” And parents – I got you, too! As a Mama to an almost five-year-old and specializing in family photography, I have accumulated quite a few tricks up my sleeve. I understand the importance of snacks and fun during a family photo shoot. 

My goal is to make every effort to ensure your beach photo shoot is fun and enjoyable for the entire family. We will get the traditional photos of everyone smiling and also get those fun, candid pictures, too!

We know all the cool spots. 

Having been a professional photographer on the Big Island for several years, I have become accustomed to being on the lookout for unique and private locations for my clients and their beach sessions. From a quiet sunrise session to a secluded sunset shoot – and everything in between – I know just the spot to capture the memories you make. With this location expertise comes knowledge of the history and the stories behind what makes each location so special. When you return home, you will not only have a story to tell about your photo session but also about the meaning of the location of your shoot. I can also give you some great dining and sightseeing recommendations that may not be on all the blogs!

Support the local Hawaii economy.

The Hawaiian Islands is a small community built to thrive on tourism. By booking your photoshoot with a professional photographer in Kona, you are supporting the entire economy of Hawaii. 

With the decline in travel due to the pandemic, Hawaii’s local economy has felt the impact. In the same way you may shop local to support your community, consider supporting local when you travel, as well. 

Just show up! 

No one will argue that cell phones these days take some fantastic pictures. The problem, however, is that when Mom or Dad is always behind the camera, you miss out on capturing those cherished moments as a family. And yes, selfie sticks are an option, but there is something so much more natural about just being in the moment and allowing a professional photographer to capture that authenticity. 

You can also forget about lugging around and packing up the tripod and camera, as I come prepared with everything. From professional direction to fun games to get the kids focused and the ability to help you and your partner relax, hiring a professional photographer for your trip to Kona is the right choice. 

I’m Sam Guerpo, Big Island Photographer. I love to create and preserve memories for families and couples. 

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