Tips to Prepare For Your Family’s Big Island Beach Photo Shoot

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “How do I prepare for the photo shoot?”, and we’re so glad you ask!  Preparation for our sessions certainly helps ensure we capture the perfect photos.

As an experienced photographer in Kona, Hawaii, we’re here to help you determine the beach location, what to wear, what kind of poses, and more!

What to Wear

This is often a hot topic of discussion.  The more people involved in the shoot, the more preparation and coordination go into planning what to wear.  You can wear any type of clothing you like, but these general guidelines will help your photos come out beautifully.

  1. Try to color coordinate as a family.  You may opt for something simple like jeans and white shirts, or you may want various bright and bold colors.  It all depends on the look you and your family are going for.
  2. You can dress as casual as you’d like or as dressy as you like; just make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the dress code.
  3. Accessorize!  If you want to dress things up, don’t forget to add jewelry and accessories to compliment your look(s)!
  4. Wear something comfortable!  Photos definitely come out more natural when you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing.  Additionally, we’ll be walking around and getting into different poses often, so you’ll want to be able to maneuver around easily in your outfit. 


We will determine the best location when we’re in the initial phases of scheduling your photoshoot.  You can explore our portfolio to see some of the amazing beaches we have available for photo shoots that never disappoint!


Sometimes family members may feel self-conscious about how to pose, but that’s what we’re here for!  We’ll coach you through fun poses to ensure we get the best photos possible.  As we like to say, our sessions are so fun even the stubborn ones will say, “That was fun!”.

Sessions With Young Children

We love family sessions with children of all ages!  Here are a few pointers to help ensure we get the best photos possible.

  1. If your child is still in diapers, choose an outfit with bloomers.
  2. Kids are often very energetic, so avoiding sugar before the session can help reduce wiggles and squirms.
  3. We can plan the session around your child’s nap schedule to ensure they’re at their best for the session.

General Session Tips

If you have a specific vision for your session, be sure to let us know.  If there are poses you’ve seen and would like to incorporate into your session, be sure to send them our way!  

If you want to get shots on the beach and in the water, that’s awesome!  We will start with beach photos first, then the water photos, to ensure nobody’s outfit gets wet before we get all the “dry” pictures we need first. 

Relax, have fun, be authentic, and love each other.  Bringing that energy to the session allows us to capture the beauty of your family. 

What’s Included

All of the packages we offer include an online gallery where you can download your photos, a print release, location assistance, a Hawaii film permit, a premium style guide, a Big Island travel guide, and guaranteed delivery of your photos within two weeks!

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